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In these uncertain time (Covid-19)to ...
In these uncertain time (Covid-19)to be able to have delicious and quality food is what i miss! Thank god you are still servicing us customers by doing curbside pickups. We just picked up an array of food today and of course the must have Garlic Noodles! We nearly ate the whole thing upon walking in our apartment. We can't wait to ha ... read more
Donna N. via - Apr 6, 2020
I like this spot! They offer splendid meals, their menu is decent, The chef in that spot is a real pro, I enjoy very much trying all their dishes. The dishes are consistently tasty, the service towards the visitors is nice. I frequently visit this restaurant and I not even once was disappointed. I recommend this place.
Paul Pierce via - Jan 13, 2020
I had the vermicelli rice with the tofu and it was really good! Would totally recommend it.
Ankeet Bhat via - Jan 3, 2020
This BANH MI remind me of Vietnam ...
This BANH MI remind me of Vietnam. I got the 9 spices chicken and they stuffed it to the point where every bite has a piece of chicken. For the San Francisco price as a food truck, it's definitely worth it.
Mimi B. via - Dec 16, 2019
Great place for lunch - Yummy food.
Lance Womack via - Jul 2, 2019
OMG! Their cuban pork special is to die for! It's the perfect blend of rice, beans, pork, onions, and plantains. Their burgers and lemonades and thai iced tea are also super yummy. Best to beat the crowd and get there before noon.
Blue Jean via - Mar 29, 2019
Love all of their bun mi’s. I’ve tried their chicken, beef, pork, and tofu. Can’t decide on a favorite but the tofu is pretty delicious.
Blue Jean via - Feb 25, 2019
One of, if not the best banh mi I've had. Amazing. Cheap too! Definitely worth a lunch stop after shopping in the Haight.
Annie Doman via - Dec 14, 2018
We used Little Green Cyclo for ...
We used Little Green Cyclo for a corporate event and the food was wonderful. I spent about a month planning this event and threw so many questions at Francis leading up to the big day. Francis answered all of my them quickly and I could tell he wanted to make sure I had nothing to worry about. We got feedback from our clients saying ... read more
Erin S. via - Oct 29, 2018
A small menu, but with a good mix & variety. I highly recommend their breakfast sandwich and lunch specials. It’s a bit hard to find because it’s in a cafeteria within a large building.
Alejandra Meza via - Sep 12, 2018
Ordered the garlic noodles and ...
Ordered the garlic noodles and added the spicy chicken with thai iced tea. Super delicious got it through uber eats and delivered to work before lunch rush and came quick. Very tasty with chunks of yummy garlic - chix not too spicy ... read more
P O. via - Aug 8, 2018
Oops, went here two weeks ago, ...
Oops, went here two weeks ago, Alameda OTG, thought I already left a review... How did I miss this food truck before? It's my new favorite! Everything I ordered was delicious (see pics), friendly service, clean, fast, etc. I'll def be back!
Anne W. via - Nov 3, 2017
Always great fresh food served ...
Always great fresh food served expeditiously by friendly staff!
Geo G. via - Nov 2, 2017
Chicken banh mi - was excellent ...
Chicken banh mi - was excellent. Specifically the vegies and marinade make this sando stand out, but the quiet hero of that experience was the baguette roll - not too bready, just perfect. Highly recommend.
Oleg H. via - Jul 31, 2017
Our friends just catered an engagement ...
Our friends just catered an engagement party with these people and the food was very enjoyable!  Love formal events catered by food trucks for a low-key vibe. This place is going with a Spice-Kit-esque type of menu structure where you pick the base and protein and extras, but the good news being that the base can include garlic noodl ... read more
Anita T. via - Jul 22, 2017
I used to frequent this place for ...
I used to frequent this place for their lemongrass salad at truck stop when I worked in the area. Much to my dismay the truck stopped showing up and I almost forgot about it until a recent trip to the South Bay, where it appears to be alive and well. (Note: I just checked and apparently it's back in the rotation on Tuesdays)My friend ... read more
Christine M. via - Jul 7, 2017
This place has improved a great ...
This place has improved a great deal since my initial review.  The portions are now larger -- at least for the rice and garlic noodle dishes -- and said dishes now come with either fresh veggies or pickled veggies.  Also, the salt level has been more consistent.  Overall, the food is very tasty and I like that they care about where t ... read more
Nader Z. via - Jun 20, 2017
Yum yum yum. My office is near ...
Yum yum yum. My office is near one of the Off the Grid locations and I finally gave it a whirl today at the suggestion of a coworker. Yay - glad I did! After perusing the other truck options, we settled on Little Green Cyclo as it sounded like the lightest/freshest option of the five.Anyway, pretty basic ordering process - pick your ... read more
Jessica M. via - May 31, 2017
I will update my review to five ...
I will update my review to five stars even though I still disapprove of the $13 price tag just because I friggin' adore the garlic noodles. I started craving them after the first time and led my coworkers back to the Hiller Aviation Museum food trucks a few weeks later just to get them again. The chewy stir-fried consistency of the n ... read more
Amy G. via - May 7, 2017
My review is for their selection ...
My review is for their selection at Rainbow Grocery. I got a veggie sandwich and "Hong Kong Milk tea".I have been looking for a decent veggie sandwich at Rainbow for a long time so I was surprised when I saw a new selection from Little Green Cyclo. The ingredients were fresh and the veggies were grilled perfectly and bread was delish ... read more
Patsy H. via - Mar 22, 2017
I ordered the l lemongrass tofu ...
I ordered the l lemongrass tofu to top off the rice vermicelli.  The flavor of the marinade was so savory and delicious.  I order it every time i find their truck!  If you want the "finger food" version of it, get the tofu spring rolls, its essentially the same thing wrapped in fresh rice paper.
James E. via - Feb 11, 2017
Thoroughly enjoyed their tofu Banh ...
Thoroughly enjoyed their tofu Banh Mi (bread crunchiness was particularly on point) and their "Shut Eyes Wide" (combination of Vietnamese iced coffee and Thai iced tea - yummy!) outside the Stanford Hospital last week.The Banh Mi was fresh and tasty, and priced pretty reasonably. I really appreciate that they have the calories posted ... read more
Liz F. via - Jan 8, 2017
Love their tofu banh mi + fried egg.
Meghan Gaudet via - Dec 28, 2016
delicious herbaceous salad. One ...
delicious herbaceous salad. One of the best take out salad options in ssf so i give them 5 stars. Other options on the menu are pretty decent as well.
John R. via - Oct 29, 2016
I saw the food truck near my workplace ...
I saw the food truck near my workplace in San Mateo. I was happy to see that they had quite a few gluten free options on their menu. I got the gluten free rice vermicelli with 9 spice chicken. The portion was big enough for me to count it as 2 meals.
Michelle C. via - Oct 28, 2016
Decided to give LGC another try ...
Decided to give LGC another try today and wow, what a difference. They finally had the fresh spring rolls in stock, and they were delicious. I bought them because the last time I got a banh mi I was extremely hungry afterwards, but this time I had too much food! The banh mi was huge, the ingredients were much tastier than last time, ... read more
Tim C. via - Sep 14, 2016
Despite seeing them at a number ...
Despite seeing them at a number of Off The Grid events over the years, Little Green Cyclo had never been on my list of trucks to try.  Not that there was anything wrong with them; I just never had a reason to go.  Well, until Presidio Picnic, that is.  Thanks to the huge crowds, our plans went from "what do we want to eat?" when we f ... read more
Mike L. via - Jun 9, 2016
Love Little Green Cyclo! I always ...
Love Little Green Cyclo! I always try to get it whenever the truck is near my work. My usual is the garlic noodles with tofu.....BAAAAAMBBB. The garlic noodles is definitely not bland at all. The tofu is great as well. Per my colleague's opinion, the pho is a no go. SO, skip the pho and try the garlic noodles. Their prices are averag ... read more
Tracy P. via - Jun 7, 2016
Not sure why this has only 3 stars ...
Not sure why this has only 3 stars. I had the jasmine rice + 9 spice chicken + egg on top and it was so delicious! I can't wait to try everything else on their menu.
Andrew M. via - Jun 3, 2016
I actually really like their drinks ...
I actually really like their drinks. Every time their truck is at Hiller Aviation Museum I get 2 pineapple lychee lemonades!! There's real pineapple chunks but I do think it overpowers the lychee flavor it's more pineapple than lychee. The owner Monica is very sweet and they also own little green cyclo where I get the lemonade from w ... read more
Yvonne L. via - May 4, 2016
One of the best food trucks! My ...
One of the best food trucks! My go to place when I come into SF from Detroit.Garlic Noodles and Wagyu Beef are the way to go!
Hubert T. via - Apr 11, 2016
Loved this truck!! It reminds me ...
Loved this truck!! It reminds me of Asian Box if you are familiar with those restaurants. I had the pork with rice and a side salad- everything was so well cooked and I ate it all. $11 is probably fair for how much food I got and how fast it came. I would definitely look for them at food truck events in the future!
Stephanie D. via - Jan 27, 2016
I love, love, love this place! ...
I love, love, love this place! I first tried their tea at the Bay Area Pet Fair. I ended up with 3 teas that day! When I didn't see them there on the second day I was bummed. Tonight my friends and I went to Off the Grid SF and I was excited to see the truck there. I love that they have unique flavors and concoctions. Some are sweet, ... read more
Mahogany G. via - Oct 30, 2015
For $7, you can get a really long ...
For $7, you can get a really long Banh Mi with Organic Lemongrass Tofu. The strength of the banh mi is that the bread is long (I said that already, didn't I?), crispy, and warmed upon order. Also, if you decide to get the tofu, it is very flavorful. You can really eat vegetarian, really. Plus, it's the cheapest protein you can get fo ... read more
Shannon L. via - Oct 29, 2015
I didn't try the food here at F50 ...
I didn't try the food here at F50 Founder World, but I stopped by for a Thai tea for $4. It was a good serving and tasted good. Food looks good.
Denise C. via - Oct 27, 2015
The 5 spice chicken banh mi is ...
The 5 spice chicken banh mi is amazing--soft and fresh bread, good quality chicken without gross fatty pieces that you often find in banh mi, and just the right amount of spice.  I love this sandwich!  To me, the high quality of the ingredients justifies the price, but I agree it isn't cheap.  When they have it, the jasmine milk tea ... read more
E P. via - Oct 25, 2015
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